Good morning Kosta,


Thanks for that and we have won 5,000% profit last 2 days on sms selective fittest tips ($20) per week

plus 2 weeks free for new members,

or the part opening of our LIVEHFTV, live horse fitness tv on of less fit horses.


There is only 1 way to win on the punt: Find the fittest horse and hedge your bet, that is bet 1 win x 5 place etc.

If the horse runs a place you must show a profit.


See yesterday's winning results. 

I rate up to 500 horses in an order of fitness, then pick out the best of the best and either sms to u, or post the lesser fitness on live. 

See PayPal Kosta if want the sms super fit 98% - 99% - 100% fitter tips and I need your mobile number please. 

HFTV will be huge and fully open in about 8 weeks' time. 

28.8 Fitter tips results:


·           W1-W1-W1-W1-W1-W2-W1-W1-W3-W1-W1-W3-L-W1-W2

·           W2-W1-W2-W1-L4th- L4th-W1-WQ-W3-W1-L4th-W1-W1-W1

·           W1-L-Ldnf-W2-W1-W2-W2-L4th-W1-W2- 39tips.     

·         W1-L-W1-W3-L-W1-L-W1- W1-W1-W1-W1-W1-W2-W2-W2-W1-W2-56 tips 


1.      47/57 hedge bets won on 82% of all races.

2.      Win tip Strike Rate 31/56 = 55%

3.      52/56 tips ran in 1st 4 for exotics = 93% 






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