Jul 13


Live today facebook - 2,500% profit, last 11 days 36,500% profit, no form study, just the science of fitness from the yards.


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Jul 13



Thanks Cameron, no worries on today will be slow at starting about 1.30pm with live Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849  (2,500% profit today)


May not even be a tips? It depends on the trainers fitness.


·       Proven bet strategy is 1 x 8

·       1 x 4 u may get not your money back 1 x 5 very small profit 1 x 8 is a winner.

·       $1.40 a place returns 25% profit on the race.

·       $0.99 per winning hedge bet tip plus $10 admin charges billed end of month.

·       Ask me any questions any time Cameron.

·       Last month 3k% profit costs members $42 plus admin ($10 a week cheap)

·       Our e books are selling hot (12) for $35 and then you know what blood counts strength lingo etc is.

·       https://www.28point8.com/index.php/blood-count-tips-books

·       If I give more than one tip Cameron, remember the 1st horse is always the fittest, as some punters want to box up a Quinella in harder races.


All good 



Jul 12



Sunday - Members only day sms tips AND ALSO NEXT SATURDAY, join today



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Jul 12





SUNDAY MEMBERS ONLY SMS – Join now with your mobile no win no pay


Good morning punters, another massive day with a conservative 7,000% profit could of been 9,000%? 

Horses, harness and dogs – late shift harness and dogs maybe 13 or more winners on top with 1-2 exotics in order in. 

Three 2nd shift races just them 3 won nearly 8,000%... 20 winners on top during the day? 

Thanks join now.





Jul 11



60 minutes with 28.8 today


·        Dog tip 3-7 results 3-7 400%

·        Dog tip 1-4 (50/1) results 1-4 (4 Pays $16 a place) 12,700% profit Win – Quinella – Exacta

·        Horse Tips 1,000% - 2,000% profit

·        Profit in 60 minutes with 28.8 – 14,000%

·        Thursday to Friday – 8 days 27,000% profit

Jul 10



Hi Punters, a famous Hollywood Tipster joins our live streaming on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849


1pm Saturday the 18thDO NO MISS THIS EVENT! 

9 DAYS DOWN AND NOW 27,000% profit, what can u say? 

  1. FREE LIVE STREAMING  Where?  https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849 
  1. Why: Because 28.8 have a mounting yard fitness% edge 
  1. Who: James Conway 
  1. How: Secrets: https://www.28point8.com/index.php/blood-count-tips-books

 Money: Word record profits - Live SMS Tips specials


Thanks James


Jul 10



2 dogs tips today 1-2 both times in order pays 13,000% profit then horses showed over 1,000% profit in 60 minutes with 28.8 live fitness returns 14,00% profit, back tomorrow


The last 8 days now up to 27,000% profit, because we know fitness.

Jul 10



1.      FREE LIVE STREAMING  Where?  https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849 

2.      Why: Because 28.8 have a mounting yard fitness% edge 

3.      Who: James Conway 

4.      How: Secrets: https://www.28point8.com/index.php/blood-count-tips-books 

5.      Money: Word record profits - Live SMS Tips specials


Thanks James


Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 Science of Horse Fitness Books.

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