Apr 27



Best blood count winners today $4.50 - $4.20 - $2.50 and that means PROFITS. 

Apr 27



2 from 2 Amazing best blood wins yet again (13) pays huge $4.20 on fire again. Grafton 1115m


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Apr 27



BINGO Best blood walks in (2) $2.50 and huge exotics 2-7-9 returns $230 amazing profits on blood count ratings.

Pubs open yet? Welcome. Wodonga blood counts 

Apr 27


The buy a book and receive 1 month membership bonus is only for the soon to be closed web site.




Join now 90% win strike rate.

Apr 27



Good morning we are live blood count tips today on 28.8. Massive profits yesterday live on facebook. see you at 1.30pm   James


  No photo description available.

Apr 25



 1 wins at $13.90 blood wins on blood counts and 10 second great exotics here, pays 1-10-9-2 Exotics pay $125 massive overs on blood

Rosehill shadows over the horses now 1100m

Apr 25



bingo 85% BLOOD COUNT wins easy (1) $7.80 huge $2.80 great Rosehill 1100m

Apr 25



BINGO Best blood again wins, on fire 3 wins at $4.00 great. Sunshine coast 1600m


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