Jul 1



Greyhound Fitness TV will win heaps for members. 

Good morning members, huge live mounting yard fitness results Saturday with: 

Winners tipped on fittest: 

1.      King of Hastings               $2.60

2.      Exoplanet                          $3.40

3.      Hard Press                         $1.60

4.      Smart Elissim                    $8.20

5.      Toryjoy                               $3.90

6.      Highland Beat                   $7.00

7.      Wanaasa                            $2.60

8.      Gaulois                               $8.00

9.      Cinquedea                         $1.60

10.   Musculina                          $3.40


Returns:  $42 – $25 = 60% ROI     38% Win Strike rate. (1-2 higher) Heavy tracks. 


Nice exotics: 

·        Caulfield 5: 4-6 only tips:  4-6 results         $86 return  - Costs $2 – 4,200% profit.

·        Plus over 500% profits other exotics. 





Jun 30



INTRODUCING Free Greyhound Fitness TV. 

HFTV are looking for ALL SPORTS Affiliates. 

Good morning members, 28.8 now shares:-


1.      Live HFTV.com  (Horse Fitness TV)

2.      Greyhound Fitness TV.com


Why FREE Greyhound Fitness TV? 

·        Members can win, dog fitness not in form guides.

·        I trained hundreds of winners, I know what a fit dog looks like

·        Greyhound fitness tips are our biggest strike rates, sometimes over 80%, 1 tip

·        One event: 21 tips live 17 winners – 4 seconds - amazing

·        Thousands of winners tipped live on Twitter & Facebook streaming

·        Will find fitter dogs that can lead to the first corner.

·        Smaller pools could allow trading and not lose.

·        Dogs biggest nights are Monday and Thursday and UK, stay tuned. 


A good story, so they say: 

·        Many moons ago betting agencies offered selective pro punters 6 seconds extra betting time after official closing.

·        It did not take long for pro’s to work out that 6 seconds in a dog race is the 1st 100m and hit their new edge hard.

·        They plunged on the leading dogs, prices tumbled, after us punters were locked out and took the shorter odds.

·        They finally got sprung and it all finished.

·        Greyhound Fitness TV will put you on the leader to the first corner on many races.


Greyhound Fitness TV will be live streamed on Facebook and then move to live streaming HFTV when officially opened. 

A new edge in fitness for punters 2 win.

 Massive free day Saturday HFTV with huge profits, more later.




Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 LIVE Horse Fitness TV  (LIVEHFTV.COM) LIVE Greyhound Fitness TV.com

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Jun 29




Subject: 28.8 Live streaming Mounting Yards Facebook for quaddies. 


Good morning Punters.


We are Live Streaming Quaddies Today Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849 for: 

·        Caulfield / Rosehill / Morphettville  around noon then back again  2pm for main quaddies.

·        Yesterday 3 of 4 - 1st leg ups that paid  over $17,000 in dividends, a huge start up for punters clubs.

·        So study the form of the other 3 legs and get a fitness tip from the mounting yards with HFTV 28.8

·        See you then, tips also on HFTV.




Jun 28




Subject: 28.8 Live streaming FACEBOOK main quaddie today, 2pm 

Good morning Punters  HFTV will be FREE live streaming on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849 the main quaddies 1st leg up

from the mounting yards, (Early and late quaddies also Saturday around Australia) starting after 2pm today for:


1.      Moruya

2.      Ipswich

3.      Tamworth

4.      Geelong


Punters can study the form the other three legs and we can start you up, as we did brilliantly yesterday. 

**Affiliates welcome 60% commissions, especially with all sports content. 

Free Video advertising on Horse Fitness TV, your web site + your CLIENTS +  SPONSORS.




Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 LIVE Horse Fitness TV  (LIVEHFTV.COM)

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Jun 27



Hi members 

I am doing free live fitness tips on HFTV, https://live.28point8.com/ plus, Live streaming on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849 

1st leg of quaddies at Moe and Townsville around 1pm. 

See you today.





Jun 27



·        We have heavy 10 tracks conditions around Australia wide at the moment and though getting winners, I am not doing stats on them as I know that 28.8 edge

is on better racing surfaces and am suggesting to punters to bet wisely.

·        Too high a % of tips are getting caught in the mud and I feel is unfair to include them in my profit and losses. Tracks will dry out soon.


No photo description available.

Jun 21






Good afternoon members, free on https://live.28point8.com/ Saturday. 

·        I get a lot of emails about formatting.

·        Will slightly expand as this is what punters want.

·        Also when I see, HFTV will tip fitter horses in the 1st leg of doubles and quaddies.

·        This is a must check,  leg up in fitness for punters taking these popular multiples that can pay a packet.

·        Been crook all week with pneumonia now, but we will soldier on and big meetings tomorrow around Australia.





Jun 20




Good morning members, I think I am in a state of shock, we lost a small bit and first loss for a long time. 

Why, what are the excuses?


1.      Heavy tracks around Australia

2.      Many fancied horses first up and 2nd up

3.      A majority of low 95% - 96% ratings

4.      Senior jockeys not on fittest horses

5.      I passed on a lot of races as could not find an edge

6.      I was not good enough.


Live again today and will bounce back. 




Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 LIVE Horse Fitness TV  (LIVEHFTV.COM)

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