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Thanks Al, nice to hear from you. You have been receiving my fitness news for a while now so u know what I do, mounting yard blood count tips.


·        I want to extend my tipping time from 3-6 minutes in the mounting out to 60 minutes or more by being live on-course around the stables.

·        I will SMS early best blood count horses some times over an hour before they win and also unfit blood horses to lay.

·        I have many members on the list now waiting for me to start and will place you on also for updates.

·        You can bet earlier at top odds or wait for the lay odds.


How better to trade:


·        When I sms tips to members, who now will trade with post on social media outlets that will create market moves, bingo you trade and not lose.

·        I could have 100 plus members “selling” blood tips online, moving markets or on sell the tips if want to.

·        Do this 20 times a day at 10% profit = 200% profit and may be not lose.

·        Or just back the horses at overs in early markets and exotics like doubles and quaddies.


Charges are $2.50 per horse 1-2-3 or low blood lays non-win, billed end of month.


Any questions Al?







Nov 20



Just Doing It - Trade On Best Blood Count SMS tips DIRECT from the stables. Oncourse Horse Racing. Never lose? NEW live wagering business. Contact details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Nov 18



Some training tips for punters, why they lose – Getting ready for live SMS ONCOURSE Blood Count Tips.

Nov 17



Hi Spike, yes will put you on Thursday and then other days.


I call hedge bet a horse $1 x $8  and proven winner strategies - $2.50 is places.


·        Other races FREE -  I SMS call three best blood horses to bet how u want.

·        The first horse in these tips returned over $20 on Saturday and that showed a nice profit if just back the 1st horse.

·        I called 2 value horses best bloods and 1 wins at $8, other 3rd, - others in the betting and the pick 4 paid $5,900.

·        If my 3 best bloods has not got the fav, use an edge – strike rate about 75% fav loses those races, look for value.

·        Try the water first Spike and you will get the hang of it, selective bets – some country races no tips or 1-3 a day.

·        1st 3 horses will come through on course for doubles and quaddie leg ups.

·        That is why we win every month.


I am here to help you.


Nov 16



Nov 16



Hi Spike, currently I do live off course mounting yard fitness tips for punters with only 3-5 minutes with sms winning tips. (Too short a time) 

I rate up to 12,000 horse in my Science of Fitness, per month from the yards but post only about 30 horses to bet on, with other tips best of blood to work on. 

I will be live ONCOURSE, when allowed and send out the same winning tips 30 minutes to 90 minutes direct from the stables, sms to members. 

Members on-course also receive 3% free of our main quaddie – 3 x 3 x 3 x 4 with best blood count horses, if a see them all. 

Here is some value information about my unique live mounting yard tips - sms service from monitors.· 

·        Last 5 months blood count tips -  9,000% profit

  • November 400% profit so far.
  • Selective days only – selective tips only
  • Costs are $2.50 per win and placed tip successfully home. No win no pay.
  • Plenty on my web site
  • I trained about 200 winners many moons ago.
  • I have tipped thousands of winners live Spike.
  • I put blood counts in your form guide.
  • I fitness consults for Group 1 winning trainers.


I have  my 12 e-books on the Science of Horse Fitness Spike regarding a horses blood count and strength factors – took me from 1987 – 2020 to work out.

My Winning Bet strategy is 1 win x 8 place - billed end of month. You are welcome to join off course tips now, I just need your mobile. 

I am here to help you, tell your mates please. 





Nov 10



Hi punters, sensational news, I am live SMS oncourse soon with 20 of the best blood count tips from the stables.


·        Plus every member will get FREE bet of 3% of the main Quaddie, hopefully ALL best blood horses.

·        We will take hopefully best 3 blood 1st leg, 3 horses best blood then 3 horse best blood third leg and come home stronger

with 4 best blood horses, if I get to rate them all.

·        This is the Ants pants for punters and expressions of interest taken – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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