Apr 4



Good morning punters, heavy tracks today is a real worry, live blood count edge tips from the yard starts at 1pm today, see u then James


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Apr 2



The BLOOD COUNT SHOW live streaming again tonight after 7am. I think I have blood count tipped 1-2 nearly 200 winners from the mounting yards, in the last 4 weeks.


Why would you ever want to bet without blood count and fitness edge?


See u then

Apr 2



Best Bloods boiling today, 1 wins @ $6.80 very nice once again for members.


Cairns blood count edge 1250m

Apr 2



HOT BLOOD WINS AGAIN (4) $3.40 nice and $40 in exotics 4-8 on fire.

Geelong Blood count edge 2455m

Apr 2



BEST BLOOD COUNT EDGE walks in and exotic in 1 and trifecta (7) $5.90 huge price, exotics pay $100, why would you want to bet without blood count and fitness?


Gosford blood count tips 1100m




Great start we knocked off the odds on chance here and our 3 numbers are 5-8-12 trifecta, on 80% fit and odds on poor value, I took the $1.70 a place the (8) which was same price as the losing odds on (12) $80 huge overs on blood count tips.


Geelong 1335m

Apr 2



live and free BLOOD COUNT EDGE mounting yard tips again today, big wins yesterday, AGAIN at 1.30pm 


Apr 1

 THE BLOOD COUNT SHOW starts live streaming twitter tonight.

Apr 1



Great finish to a top day, best blood count wins at nice odds $4.40 and we get the 13 second, a top punters and that's it now and facebook tonight and 1.30pm again tomorrow, thanks James


Sandown blood count edge 1200m


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