Jul 15



Will you win today:  No!


Hi Punters, tomorrows two meetings at Caulfield and Rosehill look like nightmare events to bet on.


Caulfield looks particularly difficult and with-out a few scratching’s this will be a very hard meeting

to win on, but we will win with that 50% fitness edge we find.


I will be selecting the best races between Caulfield and Rosehill for members.


Been on fire, like always and our last 5 meetings have tipped $107k of exotics, plus running in

the 80% strikes rates, first 2 horses for “I like top line here” strategies.


Good luck and let’s see who are scratched to make our day just a bit easier.





Jul 14



Our rating tables:


When we go live free in August, many punters that lay horses want to see the bottom rated unfit runners.


I am getting excellent results focussing on the top 7 in order and this leaves me

little time to rate in order, say the bottom 7.


I will do my best to have the unfit horses in order, but will not be always be 100% right.



Jul 14



I might have a bit of Popcorn on Popcorn next start in New Zealand.


A $6 chance and nice 97% fit, slow away and before you knew it was 20 off the pace.


Started its move about 800 out and a horse fell in front of it.


Now 25 lengths last and got going again with a strong run around the outside.


Gets to about 6 off the lead and weakens out of it.


A strange race and not sure if always that slow out, but showed me a good turn of foot

to have 20 cents on Popcorn next start.




Jul 14



Heavy 10 or Good 4.


Results prove that it makes no difference to 28.8’s strike rates.

Fitter horses beat unfit horses on any track conditions.


I might even say wet tracks are slightly better, because an unfit horse

Will flounder quicker in the tougher going.


Now that will have all the age old conventions wagging their tongues,

“What a load of rubbish from 28.8”





[I am in an aggressive writing mood today, just too many 10's of thousands of dollars slipping through

my hands for not betting and staying focused so as to help members as the very best I can.]


Jul 14



Congratulations to Darren Weir on his record breaking effort of winners.

This is a good read, how ever Weir wins when his horses are fittest or in that 1st fitness group, its pretty much that simple.

Years ago I approached several high profiile trainers to assist with fitness ratings of their horses to make their job

easir and many more winners a year, especially in Group 1's.

"It can't be done was the replies"

No worries I said and good luck.




Darren Weir and Peter Ellis

Jul 13



Another big day for members, it just keeps going on and on and on.


I have peaked in rating fitness winners for members and the up-coming spring

carnivals we are looking sensational.


We go FREE live in August and 28.8 will be monetizing our services, failing this

I intend to just close up shop and our group will go the punt in a way never seen before.


Today summary:  82% win strike rate top two horses on “I like the top line here to start”


Last 3 meetings:  87% - 80% - 82% strike rates, amazing results.


Today $23,000 in exotics that takes our last 5 meetings to now $107,000.


It is very easy for our group to go the punt, but let's first see how things work out new year.





Jul 13



Another big day, summary later, may be nearly $100k in exotics in only 5 meetings.

Went with the 5 on top last race at $26 and 2nd that blew out the top line dividends to a massive $2,800


Top line start, results 4-5-7-6



Jul 13



Top line starts, wins again 9-3-6-2  $3,800 massive dividends because favourites had good opposition from as fit horses.

Passed on 2-3 races in Sydney today, valley hot.




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