Jul 26



Wyhong race 5, we keep on going.


5-8-7-1  $150 dividends.


Jul 26



Nice results again Pakenham 4 and 2nd fittest horse wins at $7.90

Results were 5-9-7-12

Divies huge $5,300, that makes over $20,000 so far today in exotic tips.




Jul 26



Wyong 4

Another great races for us 1-11-10-3 dividends of $8,100 massive Jim


Jul 26



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Jul 26



Missing some races as do not like, as next at Wyong, members winning a packet today, Jim

Jul 26



Called value bet race at Pakenham 2 and had the 12 on the top line.

Wins @ great $24.50 for members, Jim

Jul 26



Race 2 Wyong, value bet here as fav. not all that strong (ran 2nd)

9-12-10-6, top line horse still wins. @ $16


Dividends $7,850 massive win for members.

Jul 26



Great start, watch the 8, nice horse and will improve on this run, top line start

Trifecta in order

8-7-1-15 very easy $550



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