Apr 1



BINGO BEST BLOOD WINS AGAIN AND FINISHES LIKE A TRAIN, 6 WINS $5.30 and we had the 9, nice exotics here members. Why would u bet any other way? 6-9 returns $95 WOW. 


Sandown blood count edge 1200m

Apr 1



2 - 5 - 3 -4 BINGO, best blood gets the all dividends $330 WOW because of BEST blood, why would u bet any other way?

(3) paid nice $2.30 hedge bet and winner $4.20

Ascot blood count tips 1000m

Apr 1



2nd best blood on 90% wins at great odds $11.80 $3.20 very nice.


Ladbrokes blood count edge 2400m


7-3-5 - 90% blood gets us 1-2-3 in only 3 blood tips 3 paid $1.90 great hedge bet and exotics in $90 big profits. , nice result here and cheap to get.



]Sunshine Coast blood count edge 1800m

Apr 1

Top pick the 2 at $3.60 ran 2nd, huge hedge bet profit, nice Rosehill blood count edge 1200m


5 - 1 - 8 - 3 the 3 was $34 close but not close enough. 5 pays $3.60 Sandown 1600m blood count tips


7-8-2-1, Great run the 2 BECAUSE OF A 90% BLOOD COUNT, under difficulties and pays huge edge price of $3.20 WOW! Sunshine coasts blood count edge 1600m




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Apr 1


Because of the caronavirus, jockeys will be banned from riding horses from next week and replaced with riding instruction sensors to get them home.

Some sensors are 1kg in weight, others are 5kg, with an apprentice sensor claiming half a kg.

In regards to protests, a computer chip will replay the race to the stewards from each sensor with horses in the stewards room, nodding true or false.

Aussie technology to the fore front again.

Apr 1



live mounting yard blood count edge tips today at 1.30pm


https://live.28point8.com/ FREE we keep on winning on blood count




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Apr 1



Hi these highly recommend fitness e-books available on amazon.












Mar 31



ON FIRE best blood wins (4) $4.60 and 7 second, exotics pay $12, 600% profit on blood counts

Newcaslte 1875m blood count edge




Great blood count call 5-7 finish those exotics paid huge $32.00, 1,000% profit on blood


Mornington blood count edge 2020m




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