Jul 13



Another winner on top $5.50, value bet race, and all came from top line $1,150 divies.




Jul 13



Sydney still going, another winner on top $4.40 and all exotics top line 2-9-3-1  $330 EASY MONEY!



Jul 13



On fire at the valley, another winner on top $4.50 and exotics big again, $4,200



Jul 13



Valley race, start with top line here.


11-5-8 3, all there and great $1,900 in divies Jim


Jul 13



A deal has been signed where Australias major races will be live to the huge Japanese markets with added pools.


Good news for 28.8...Jim

Jul 13



Huge start, with top line here

Winner on top $8.00  8-4-9-5, Huge $4,500 in divies for members, Jim


Jul 12



“28.8 is a blog on the science of horse fitness”

Jul 12



Where is the Money?


28.8 live fitness % tips keep on winning, but our first 2 rated horses are currently returning

consistently 80% win strike rates.


Last 2 meetings are 87% and 80% win strike rates on “Start with top line here strategies” either of 1st two

horses tipped.


That’s good enough for me to start my exotic bets and hedge win bets.


We are racing again on Wednesday.


Cheers Jim


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