Mar 30



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Mar 29



HOW TO PULL OFF A PLUNGE on your fit horse e-book coming next.

My next e-book will be a great read.


Part 1

Firstly my stories of the big plunges I pulled off with the greyhounds I trained, because it got
to a stage, where the bookies were serving me up 2-3 points under odds, race after race.

I had burnt them one too many times.

So when I had my plunge dog 90% super fit, a month prior, I would transfer it into one of our house mates names, train it up to 100% super fit, take the new overs and we would hit the bookies again and win.

Then transfer it back into my name.


Part 2

The 8 weeks it takes, week by week training chat, slow it down to get better odds, how to peak in 100% blood, strength and fitness on the day, then go POW! and pull off a big plunge with your horse.


A great e-book book coming up


Mar 29

Wahoo 90% best blood win at huge odds $7.60 great blood count rating.


Nowra blood count ratings 1400m




Image may contain: possible text that says '28.8 My 12 BEST BETS ON FIT HORSES Amazing Amazon Paperback will teach you my Secrets of Rating FIT Horses How to BEST BET 2 WIN. 117 Pages- Over 210 Unique Fitness Photos'

Mar 29



My 12 BEST BETS 2 WIN ON FIT HORSE E-BOOK loading now and a great read on how to bet on fit horses to win.

Mar 29



Blood 90% gets 1-2 across the line here 3 at great odds wins at $14.40 - 4 second, big exotics here on blood count edge,

pays $75 massive costs only $3 profit 2,000% profit, nice


Sale blood count edge 1717m

Mar 29



You hire a 60 foot luxury cruiser off the waters of Gold Coast for 6 - 8  hours.

You invite 100 Asian and LOCAL punters through the local casino guest list, for a night of entertainment and Hong Kong Betting live.

I am on the cruiser for live mounting yard fitness % tips, a disco, karaoke, a few casinos games, Betfair bookie on-board.

Food, fishing, swimming, dancing, gambling and drink.


Games and cash prizes in their tens of thousands of dollars to be won by the cruise ship punters and Internet Punters.

Sounds good to me.

Why not

Mar 28



9-2-1 trifecta here and our hedge horse (2) pays $2 a place. Exotics $45 nice.

Rosehill blood count edge 2400m

Mar 28



90% blood count edge wins (3) $4.90, nice

Bendigo 2200m blood count edge 


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