Mar 24



Blood wins again 4-1-5 trifecta also, very nice Winner $5.20 and exotics pay $140 nice again.

Rockhampton blood count tips 1400m

Mar 24



Blood gets us 1-2 here punters 4 wins at huge $11.10 - 2 some nice exotics here. $63.00 NICE.

Geelong blood tips 

Mar 24



HOT BLOOD WINS AGAIN $2.60 and trifecta in 3, going great on blood count tips.

Rockhampton blood count tips 1400m

Mar 24



HOT BLOOD ON FIRE AGAIN, 90% blood wins nice, $2.80, great going yet once again today, live every day on best blood.

Geelong 1421m blood count tips 

Mar 24




I have bought your ebooks and they have saved me plenty when I handicap a race and then see a horse trot out to race and realize it has no chance after seeing it. I have also played some long shots based purely on fitness and blood counts with some success. I'm still learning but I know it's a matter of fine tuning the process.  

Many thanks again for teaching an old dog new tricks! 


Thanks Greg I appreciate your comments, not many would be able to do these books ever. 

Yes fine tune and you will be right, in USA, because of the speed of the race, u need blood counts and strength mate. 

Good luck and I am here to help you and others, and post on your forum platforms if like. 



Mar 24



As called 1-3-2-4 in order pay something and blood best gets the winner home again. 200% gimme profit on blood count ratings.

Rockhampton 1100m



Mar 24



Blood count gets the trifecta, nice start 11-12-10 from only 3 tips. Divies $120  great start and great profits. Geelong 1121m blood count tips


No photo description available.

Mar 24



Good morning members, since I have been including blood counts ratings, plus my fitness % tips some amazing

repeating stats are appearing where you can now place winning bets @ bigger odds. 

A horse with a low blood count has not got enough OXYGEN LEVELS IN IT’S MUSCLES TO WIN. 

Fav. with low 85% - 80% blood counts are losing 84% of the time, this is a massive breakthrough for punters to:


1.      Lay unfit fav.

2.      Hedge bet Win and Place with overs odds.

3.      Higher dividends in Exotic bets.

4.      Other.


This is now an exciting new world of pro punting with a low blood count edge for fav to lose. 

28.8 will SMS members 3-4 low blood count horses per day when live for only $39.95 per month

(See our PayPal for details )


Or you can see for free on  until we close for members only. 

This is huge news for punters as you may have up to 12 fitter horses running for you against an unfit fav. 

We also have many Amazon e books out on horse fitness HOW TO RATE and back more winners.









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