Jan 6




SATURDAY 35% . . . SUNDAY ....48.6% . . .

1 TIP RACE Win 75% . . . Place 133% . . . 100% Strike Rate . . .


Impressive 28.8 live mounting yard tips and free.


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Jan 4



20 place bets will get me 1,000% POT

5,000% POT is 100 place bets in a row.

I can do this

Jan 4



I am going after 5,000% POT a place.

I need another 20 place bets in a row.


I pass on nearly 50% of my mounting yard races now, too hard, u will lose, I tip 1-2 fittest horses /  45% races cause they win and members want to have a bet,

1 Tip Race = 5%, there is the 5,000% POT.

I will die the best the world will ever see and never seen again.

I am ninja, I am in visable.

1,000% POT time frame: - every 2 months+ = 5,000% POT A YEAR, tax free

Then about 1,000% POT WIN


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Jan 3




It is only Stawell but Maher is holding a great hand and I want to be in the winners circle.



Jan 3



CAN U WIN 1,000% POT?


Selective place bets on the ONE TIP RACE sure can increase the POT.


If I can tip 100 fitter horses and have a place strike rate of 98%, which I think I can do.

With an average place price of $1.30. the POT will be very substantial.


I would say over 1,000% POT?


Pro punters work very hard and long hours for 2%; we don't even work!


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Jan 2



How I study the form before fitness % ratings. (I don’t study that form much)


·        Study top weight to bottom

·        X any runner resuming 2nd under 18 days

·        X any runner that has failed several times over the distance

·        X any runner drawn outside barrier 9

·        X any runner over 8 years of age

·        X any runner with 3kg+ apprentice



WIN POT             75%

PLACE POT          133%   (100% strike rate) 


Then see what is left. 

Good luck

Jan 2



ONE TIP RACES I think are setting world records?

Have they been beaten?

WIN POT    75%

PLACE POT    133%    (100% strike rate)

Free live mounting yard fitness % tips.

But we have not finished yet?

Can it be?

WIN POT          400%

PLACE POT      1000%


Don't miss a sure thing, we can sms u our tips, only $19.95 per month.



Jan 2





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