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This weeks races will be on Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday and Saturday.


I may also do DOG FITNESS ON THE WAY TO THE BOXES tonight live streaming on https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849 after tea.  


Am I the PROPHET ON TURNOVER - 1,500% the last 6 weeks


Doing POT stats I have to keep two seperate figures, one for win POT and 1 for place POT. ALL good.



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Jan 12



The life of a professional dog punter.

An interesting article and there would not be many left?

Basically long hours studying the form and watching hundreds of replays.

His system is based on shorter priced win bets but his main
POT is in selecting good priced dogs a place.

After years and years his best winning run is only 5.

This is most interesting his strategies, and worth some consideration.

I am sick of backing a dog at $1.45 a place and paying $1.04

I might try this live streaming on night.


Jan 12



Survey: Best POT tipsters in Australia.

I found this interesting site and reported on the best web site and media POT tipsters in Australia over a period.

You have to take also into consideration that your members will win and lose on your tips, a huge added pressure.

I will put their initials up.

1.   K.C     62%
2.   L. S     60%
3.   C.P     47%
4.   P.J      36%
5.   B.B     28%
6.   C.M    26%
7.   J.M     24%
8.   M.W   17%
9.   L.J       14%

Yours truly:  1,560% since 28th December 2019 (5 week)

Knowing Mounting Yard Fitness % is EASILY the best edge on how to win on the punt.



Jan 12



I  went over my mental limits today and went brain dead after many hours of rating hundreds of horses in an order of fitness.

Had to pull the pin and take a rest in bed.

Finished with 57% win strike rate of 43% POT

Finished with 71% place strike rate and 29% POT

Nearly 10,000% profits in exotics.

POT total now 1,560%

Any pro punter that can achieve a 2% POT, without fitness is a super legend and deserves respect from punters.

This is a huge task showing winning POTS, and not recommend you try it.

Jan 10



Their is only one goal, to win every bet.


Nothing else matters.


28.8 free mounting yard tips.

Jan 10



28.8 Mounting yard fitness % tips:



No 1. One Tip Race, massive POT'S 78% WIN strike rate, 100% place strike rate.

No 2 "I like this horse"  sensational profits hedge betting win and place a big winner.

1,500% POT in 30 days.

No 3. Not sure, try and exotic bet. Hopeless results, either pass as suggested or add your own fancies.


This is how to win.

Jan 10



I read this article about affiliates.


"Boy has the affiliate industry died a stinky death in Australia.

Ladbrokes/Neds changed terms midway through the year to try and make affiliates leave.

When that didn’t work they simply closed all small affiliate accounts.

I had sent well over 140 customers to Neds and they simply used a term in their T&C’s that said, “we can close your account at any time without any reason”.

Playup was even dodgier when moving 400+ affiliated players from Madbookie.

They simply stopped reporting numbers, didn’t pay me what was owed by madbookie and then closed my account"


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