May 29



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May 29




  • Jim Conway BINGO best blood count 5 leads all the way at huge odds here of $11.00 and $3.40 1,200 profit, very nice on FIRST BLOOD - 7 runs third.
  • Bob Forster
    Bob Forster you were on fire then
  • Jim Conway
    Jim Conway On fire yes nice day today im am well focused Bob Forster
  • Bob Forster
    Bob Forster Plus i had the exacta with the 3
  • Jim Conway
    Jim Conway Quinella and exacta returned $130, trifecta $500 all big overs, well done Bob.
  • Jim Conway
    Jim Conway unibet exacta paid huge $122!!!!!!!!
May 27



ON FIRE... First blood tips on facebook last 2 days 3,000% profit, on again today see u then



May 25



though SMS are 3,600% up in two weeks; we lost 15% today, and I hate losing.

Other live blood count tips just under SMS percentages, posted live today on
cause punters like to have a bet and follow me.

Time and time again they just kept winning at top odds of up to $9.60, one ran a great second at $4.30 a place.

Easily over 2,000% profit 1 tip on other horses but then 15% loss on good things!

We were 85% up at one stage (85% per day x 300 days = 25,500% profit, others cry out for 100% per year)

I just hate losing so much.

Tomorrows another day, u better not lose fat man!


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May 25



What a loser I am. $0.99 commission on win only.


I was looking at an elite punting web site by a famous person, betting into the huge pools in
Honk Kong.


Membership is $AU25,000 or his exclusive trading service where the minimum membership fee is $AU350,000.


Then, if he bets $10k and you win back $30k = $20k profit he takes out up to $10k - 50% commission!


And his profits are a very very VERY VERY VERY VERY a small fraction of mine.


What a loser I am. $0.99 per win commissions.


I should get a job with this bloke!


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May 24



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Best Regards




May 24



3,600% profit (amended)  1 first blood count tip last 13 days, live again today from the mounting yards,


e books 10 on horse fitness out very soon see u then


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May 23



First blood SMS 1 TIP ONLY


400% up so far today

4,400% up last 13 days


Next bracket starts 1st of June


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