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Bolter on 95% best blood in the yard wins SIR HARALD Bendigo $28.30 - $4.40, I BACKED IT!

Bigger price Betfair!

The BLOOD COUNT SHOW live chat https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849

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BLOOD COUNT IS MADE UP OF primarily of 2 types of cells, white and red.


The white blood count cells are used to fend off infections and foreign invaders and comes from the bone marrow, you may of heard of the term, stem cell treatments. 

The red cells, carry the oxygen into a horses muscle system to make it run faster for long, this is derived from multi vitamin supplements such as Iron, B12, Folic acids and other supplements. 

Trainers should start on a horses blood count when in pre training, it will take 3 months for a horse to peak at 100% blood count. 

60% of trainers have little idea of how a horses blood count system work and continual enter their horses with low blood counts; and they lose. 

Part of my research, I asked country trainers how often they had a blood count test? 

Many said once or twice a year, no idea. 


Subject: black bookers BLOOD COUNT SHOW  25/2/2020  (8)


Harness NZ 

Sunday 23/2/2020 Nice type and 100% blood SHEERA SPORT 100% blood count won easily once it got clear at $7. Super blood count harness can string a few wins together. 


Saturday the big Caulfield Group 1 meeting. 

The Group 1 type from the Michael Kent stable and ridden by Damian Oliver He’ll Haunt Us on 95% blood count won nicely and going in the classics

Is a horse on a solid blood count levels of fitness can win again

In the Futurity the well fancied and very talented SUPER SETH lost because of low blood count of 90% and you remember that the last 80 metres


When looked the winner struggled that is because if ran out of oxygen in its lungs, get on next start if 100% BLOOD COUNT.


In the Blue Diamond the fancied Rulership from the Peter Snowden camp on solid 95% blood count just could not get a clear run in a compact race pattern and I think can improve in a smaller field or at Flemington but in the blood count fitness zone. 

The Chris Waller pair of Kings Will Dream and nice type KOLDING if they peak at 100% blood next start can win, ready and just need that blood boost.


What happened to the undefeated favourite, HANSEATIC?

It had a 95% blood count and was enough to win for this talented horse, but lost may points in fitness on its low strength factors.

It had many ribs showing and when it came down to the crunch to win over the last 150 metres, it had no strength fitness to pick up and go. It was just not strong enough to get the money.

If its lean again next start, it can lose again, if it looks heavier in the yard and 100% blood count, get on 

The match race between ALLIGATOR BLOOD and CATALYST continues next start, or does it? 

It was a great race but on a lower blood count than the first two was the 3rd horse CHENIER (Oliver on) but he finished the race off best as a nature more distance horse, don’t be surprised if CHENIER runs

A good race over 1600m. Each way or $2.50 a place could be nice pickings on a high blood count. Check in the mounting yard. 

Early morning USA racing is great and back the high blood count horses PLUS strength factors as they go like a bat out of hell all the way.

BOOKER this morning won an impressive trial  in Sydney on 95% watch out for first up.




Feb 24

World 1stTHE BLOOD COUNT SHOW.(C) All rights reserved.


Good morning punters, 11am tomorrow I will do edition No 1 live streaming THE BLOOD COUNT SHOW on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849


Do you want to be a star on your own live BLOOD COUNT SHOW anywhere in the world, please contact me.


·        Talking Blood Counts in my opinion.

·        Write down our super blood count fit horses WORLD WIDE that have raced recently and are horse’s to bet on next start.

·        They either have won and can win again, had a bad ride or just plain unlucky but are in the blood count zone to win next start.

·        Why pay for tips that have low blood counts and you must lose?

·        Register your email and receive our 50 – 200 BLOOD COUNT TIPS free each month.

·        An interesting insight to Blood Count Fitness.


See our amazing e-book on Amazon 28.8 SECRETS HOW 2 RATE A HORSE’S BLOOD COUNT.




Please contact any time and why not start rating your own 100% blood count winners.






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THE BLOOD COUNT SHOW. (C) All rights reserved.

1-2-3 persons: Any gender.

Do you fancy a new and exciting job in the media?

This is how to do it.

1st catch on to blood counts

Black Book the 95%  - 100% blood counts to chat live about, especially blood count horses that are likely to go down in grade

I will be world wide black booking these horses and free email out around the world, so u can add to your data base.

Find 5-10 black book horses to live chat for 20 minutes from your 200 black count data base.

Go Live Streaming on Facebook and/or other platforms.

Get experience, do 20 shows.

Ask Betfair to sponsor you.

Then you have excellent THE BLOOD COUNT SHOW tapes to take to the big players.

They will look at as great new service to punters as u will tips winners and we then start talking business.

I want heaps of THE BLOOD COUNT SHOWS around the world.

It's not hard and remember you u do have an edge over other form analyst.

See some of my shows live plus, I will be doing my own THE BLOOD COUNT SHOWS https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849

Contact me any time if you want to be a star?




How most half hour shows work, like fishing shows, golf etc.

Networks get them for free.

You generate your revenue from sponsors and advertising.

Ever noticed how many plugs on a fishing show, boats, trainers, fishing tackle, motors etc etc, they have 5 minutes of fishing then 15 minutes plugging.

They make a packet.

You just need a niche product that return results.

THE BLOOD COUNT SHOW (C) All rights reserved.


Feb 22



As called, BETFAIR here should really boom in the next 1-2 years from more global members.

Some one blows out a horse or offers opening overs, u check its blood and has 100% blood then get on, it also will firm and trade and to not lose.

Low blood count the same, trade and not lose, u have a massive edge and yes costs you a pint for my 61 years training.

U should be able to get 1-3 hours inside trading edge if on-course around the stables before the horse races.

It's a new world of punting with blood counts and my results are available



Yes I lodged 25 pages with amazon and they made it 38 because their pages are smaller, so some photos got out of line.

Can fix, and just learn the 80% - 100% shine of the photos, chestnut, brown, black and grey and back accordingly.

Dull flat coats cannot win and are your lay range of horses to choose from.

Practice on shoes!

Sold first day Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, UK, US and punters won withing an hour.

This is the missing link in your betting, more oxygen in the muscles, the better the horse keeps running.

Post any questions.

2 more e books on the go.

Feb 22



Feedback from Paul in New Zealand

Thanks for the book.

Maybe beginners luck, but have picked 4 in NZ RACING today all have run a place, including one at $3.20

Thanks Paul, it makes sense, the more oxygen in their muscles the longer they can run at top speed for while low blood count
horses are going backward.

Our link will have a Betfair record results of good luck stories.

Lay only low blood count horses, imagine if u set a liability for 500 pounds and the horse has a 100% blood running against U?

Early grave!

Feb 22




Feb 22



Welcome PUNTERS; do you want to start winning BIG $$$ and profits with our SECRETS TO BLOOD COUNT % on race horses?

Our global aim is for all punters to create greater wealth in gambling on horse racing by knowing what a horses BLOOD COUNT is.

•    BLOOD COUNTS is the missing link, the higher the blood count THE MORE OXYGEN the horse has in its muscles to run faster for longer.
•    I will teach you how to rate a horse’s BLOOD COUNT in the parade yard off monitors for a huge edge in your gambling.
•    BLOOD COUNTS are not in your form guides, now it is and you can start winning.
•    A WORLD 1ST that took me 33 years of science research into horse fitness and over 60 years in racing.

•    I will teach you how to rate 100% BLOOD COUNT horses to win and LAY unfit low BLOOD COUNT horses in Betfair.
•    Investments into BLOOD COUNTS works for Thoroughbred, Harness, Equestrian, Pet Horses and Quarter horses.
•    Trainers, Punters, Owners and Media can now rate their own BLOOD COUNT % before a betting a race.
•    You may start backing more winner straight away.

•    28.8 has live tipped thousands of winners, world record 618 lay bets in a row, 99.50% strike rate, $AU3M in exotics and records POT’S.
•    We have BLOOD COUNT betting strategies plus FREE BONUS emails 50 – 200 SUPER BLOOD COUNT BLACK BOOKERS.
•    Our Fitness trilogy will continue with more  amazing e books for punters, stay tuned. Videos and teaching links on this e-book.

Thanks you and welcome to the new world of winning


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