Jan 6



Subject: 28.8 Calculate your own POT on 1st fittest horse.


Hi members, 

28.8 is running on world record pace with POT (Profit on turnover) 

Recent POT figures clearly show that backing the fittest horse win or each way returns amazing profits. 

Win POT: 

·        Saturday 35%

·        Sunday    48.6% 

Then we have On Tip Races POT / Target 1,000% POT (World record)


Pro punters work hard and long hours for 2% POT, we don’t even work, just bet on fit horses! 



This is the formula (BASED ON LEVEL STAKE BETTING)


·        (Dividends less the number of bets) x (number of bets)

·        E.G. $9 won minus 8 bets you had = 1 x 8 bets = 8% POT


This clearly will show that backing 28.8 Fittest horses a win and each way if want, returns positive POTS. 

Huge and live again today free to members for more POT. 

No races Tuesday. 





Jan 6




SATURDAY 35% . . . SUNDAY ....48.6% . . .

1 TIP RACE Win 75% . . . Place 133% . . . 100% Strike Rate . . .


Impressive 28.8 live mounting yard tips and free.


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Jan 4



20 place bets will get me 1,000% POT

5,000% POT is 100 place bets in a row.

I can do this

Jan 4



I am going after 5,000% POT a place.

I need another 20 place bets in a row.


I pass on nearly 50% of my mounting yard races now, too hard, u will lose, I tip 1-2 fittest horses /  45% races cause they win and members want to have a bet,

1 Tip Race = 5%, there is the 5,000% POT.

I will die the best the world will ever see and never seen again.

I am ninja, I am in visable.

1,000% POT time frame: - every 2 months+ = 5,000% POT A YEAR, tax free

Then about 1,000% POT WIN


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Jan 3




It is only Stawell but Maher is holding a great hand and I want to be in the winners circle.



Jan 3



CAN U WIN 1,000% POT?


Selective place bets on the ONE TIP RACE sure can increase the POT.


If I can tip 100 fitter horses and have a place strike rate of 98%, which I think I can do.

With an average place price of $1.30. the POT will be very substantial.


I would say over 1,000% POT?


Pro punters work very hard and long hours for 2%; we don't even work!


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Jan 2



How I study the form before fitness % ratings. (I don’t study that form much)


·        Study top weight to bottom

·        X any runner resuming 2nd under 18 days

·        X any runner that has failed several times over the distance

·        X any runner drawn outside barrier 9

·        X any runner over 8 years of age

·        X any runner with 3kg+ apprentice



WIN POT             75%

PLACE POT          133%   (100% strike rate) 


Then see what is left. 

Good luck

Jan 2



ONE TIP RACES I think are setting world records?

Have they been beaten?

WIN POT    75%

PLACE POT    133%    (100% strike rate)

Free live mounting yard fitness % tips.

But we have not finished yet?

Can it be?

WIN POT          400%

PLACE POT      1000%


Don't miss a sure thing, we can sms u our tips, only $19.95 per month.




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