Jun 8



Blood Count Fitness Zone - Weekly Tipping Winners - $US0.99 a week - $AU1.44

I am going to do a weekly e-book on this theme.

Each e-book will last 4 updated editions per month - then a new edition starts.

Around the world (I rate up to 15,000 plus horses a month in a % of fitness) I will comment and only black book best horses for you that can perform next start.

Should be up to 200 - 300 horses each month in the Blood Count Zone Fitness for punters to watch out for.

Some will go down in fitness and lose, that is the trainers fault.

But in a majority of cases they can hold their overall fitness or improve and win.

And some favourites that bite the dust; like this week’s runner, PINATUBO (UK – odds on in Group 1 class and tipped on Betfair forum unfit from the yard – was undefeated, now is defeated)

I will suggest a caution approach for punters because of my reasoning’s.

Horses will be of ONLY good size and not ponies.

Yes, a new FIRST BLOOD service for world-wide punters to win.

This now puts fitness % in your forum guide.

Some harness included.

I am excited.



Jun 6




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Good evening Punters. 

·        Day 6 down and we are well in front on our FIRST BLOOD SMS tips.

·        Join now for next week – No win No pay - $0.99 cents per winning hedge bet tip.

·        Here is your free book: https://www.28point8.com/doc/B2_SecretsOfWinningLayingUnfitHorses.pdf





Jun 1




SMS First blood started today - 1/1 - 1 blood cup tip wins x 8 lengths and breaks the track record. $3.30 1.40 Profit 270% Join today for tomorrow This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








May 31




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May 30



Caulfield box up 9-3-5-6-11 Results 5-6-3 big dividends here on best blood counts from the yard, bit profits, winner $7.20 - $1,300 huge overs on fitness. - amazing profits. 28.8


sms 800% up so far today. 


No photo description available.

May 29



28.8 FREE e-book Horse Fitness Secrets of Winning Laying Unfit Horses Betfair



May 29




  • Jim Conway BINGO best blood count 5 leads all the way at huge odds here of $11.00 and $3.40 1,200 profit, very nice on FIRST BLOOD - 7 runs third.
  • Bob Forster
    Bob Forster you were on fire then
  • Jim Conway
    Jim Conway On fire yes nice day today im am well focused Bob Forster
  • Bob Forster
    Bob Forster Plus i had the exacta with the 3
  • Jim Conway
    Jim Conway Quinella and exacta returned $130, trifecta $500 all big overs, well done Bob.
  • Jim Conway
    Jim Conway unibet exacta paid huge $122!!!!!!!!
May 27



ON FIRE... First blood tips on facebook last 2 days 3,000% profit, on again today see u then




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