May 19



A quiet day today because of low blood counts in even fields.

We are In front and nearly 300% up so far this week. May be back later, but tomorrow with better class jockeys, trainers and horses will have more FIRST BLOOD count tips

May 18



No photo description available.

May 18




My 2,550% profit for the week came with an average over the 7 days of just 2 hours - 42 minutes each day. (17 hours on the punt for the week)

Forget about 60 - 80 hours a week on everything you have been told A MUST DO, that information is old hat and seriously wrong.

May 18



The learning curve here.

A lady from practically from an unknown village in 3 minutes becomes a world wide global star.

At 47 she stuck to her guns, she knew she had something.

When she hit those high notes, listen to the last 45 seconds of the song compared to her first 45 seconds.

Here new confidence was there and the last 45 minutes was pure magic.

It shows what confidence can do in your punting and you should go with your determination to be a big time winner.

May 17



FIRST BLOOD finished now for this week.

Ordinary horses now, Sunday but still we won.

Call it a day we finish with 2,550% profit for the week, that's ok.

But I made 3-4 mistakes though.

80% profit strike rate.

Can improve

May 17




Jim Conway

Hedge bet 1 x 8 nice 85% profit, profit this week now 2,450% massive FIRST BLOOD BETS 1 tip.


Certainty beaten, had to change course 3 times last 150m metres, black book here nice horse bad ride. Runs great 3rd $2.10 hedge bet winner all the same. Bendigo hedge bet the 3 here INFITAAH


I do live SMS tips to members at a rate of about 80c cents a day to 28.8. These best services in the world, but has to change. $40 per month,

nothing for 28.8 sorry.

May 16



THE FIRST BLOOD II - Why Punters Lose

Welcome to my 10th book on fitness and why punters lose.

I am going to discuss why punters lose, the types of fitness required for different distances and pitfalls to avoid to keep winning.

We will look at fitness betting distances of: 1000m - 1200m - 1400m - 1600m - 2000m - 2500m.

We will point out the most common factors WHY YOU LOSE and where the traps are to avoid.

This is as a huge new edge for punters and a thorough insight into why punters lose and how best selecting THE FIRST BLOOD good things.

Less than 2% of punters are winning professionals. I will put you in that pro group.

A fit horse can peak in speed at 50kph, an unfit horse struggles on 35kph.

Why would you want to back a 35kph horse ever again?

A great book for punters.

May 15


28.8 1,250% Profit Mon-Friday (1) Tip First Blood


Hi Punters on fire yet again with huge profits on our new live 1 tip only FIRST BLOOD from the yards. 

·        Free - live again tomorrow on and

·        10 classic sensational e books finished and posting our web site soon, amazing edges for punters.

·        FREE Book 2 to every one Secrets of Winning Laying Unfit Horses On Exchanges. (Register now)



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