May 15



(3) Outside influences are bad news.

Outside influences such as oncourse tips, media good things preached, mates, jockeys tips, paid for tips and even trainers will send you broke.

Go with your own fitness knowledge and stick to your guns.

Fitness CANNOT let you down all the time.

You will turn a corner with a great run of winners. Outside influences is bad news.

They don’t have our fitness levels of your bet like the night before or 10 minutes before the race?

Tell then they are dreaming.

I have fitness rated millions of horses, dogs and trots.

My lay strike rate is 99.50% with best run of 618 winners in a row. I have tipped over $AU3M in exotics.

We run at tens of thousands of percent profit per year. I do not listen to outside tips and neither should you.

May 15



FIRST BLOOD Monday - Friday 1,250% profit on best blood counts from the yard, back again Saturday thanks and books out soon and you can do what I can and keep on winning.


Jim Conway Nice 2nd at $2.70 another hedge bet winner here $1 x $8 bet $9 returns $2.70 huge 140% profit on this race.

Jim Conway Nice 3rd at $2.00 a place hedge bet winner bet $1 x $8 = $9 returns $16 = 75% profit great

Jim Conway He races un-generously 600 out and lost it, flies home after giving winner 5 lengths and goes down by a whisker, unlucky here $1.20 5% hedge bet winner, should of won last 2 tips punters, right fitness wrong rides.


Jim Conway Jim Conway Terrible and we were stiff, very slow out and gave them over 10 lengths start and then a wall of horses in the run, checked runs 4th, stiff, bad ride and unlucky, we were robbed here, right horse wrong ride

Jim Conway 2nd under its big weight nice effort, hedge bet win $1.50 a place bet $1 x $8 costs $9 returns $12 profit is 35% profit, nice.

Jim Conway 3rd - Hedge bet winner $1 x $8 place show 10% profit.

FIRST BLOOD 1,100% PROFIT so far this week, mounting yard blood count tips we keep winning

bingo first blood wins at $3.90 best blood count in the yard on fire once again with blood count tips Scone race 3.

FIRST BLOOD tips from the mounting yard SCONE try the 2 here SECRETLY AWESOME 80% BLOOD 96% FIT 2nd $1.50

700% Profits on FIRST BLOOD blood count ratings from the parade yards this week so far, nice. Writing my 10th E-book FIRST BLOOD Why Punters Lose

Jim Conway FIRST BLOOD WINS NICELY here $1.50 we are on the board 1/1

May 13



Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday FIRST BLOOD live mounting yard blood count tips on

24 tips - over 600% Profit. 88% 1 tip only.

80% Hedge bets in (19 of 24) strategy $1 win x $8 place, 80% of tips returning a profit.

You can soon do this in UK, Ireland and France or anywhere in the world.

Book No. 10

FIRST BLOOD II Why Punters Lose?

Up to page 26 now drafted and another classic collectors book, finished next week.

I think these books can last 100 years.

FREE BOOK to everyone on Betfair:- Secrets To Winning Laying Unfit Horses on Betfair.

All good


May 13



Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 90% one only FIRST BLOOD TIP, 600% profit so far, nice

May 13





Jim Conway 3 wins at $4.20 and then bolters up hard race as called. Back the 4 horses and win 27% 

Jim Conway results 6-8-12 6 SPENDORONTHE GRASS Pays overs on FIRST BLOOD fitness with $12.80 and $3.60, 12 pays $3.50 a place, that's ok  Went wider in hard race and got the $12.80 winner, nice Back the 4 horses and win 200%

Jim Conway 10 - 15 - 11 both in trifecta here.  10 wins at $4 plus and other tip 11 $1.70 either way be a winner.

Jim Conway missed, well done barry

Jim Conway never ran the distance and was in form guild bad result

Jim Conway 1 runs 2nde at $1.50 a place hedge bet 1 x $8 costs $9 returns $12 = 43% profit cool

Jim Conway Missed, bush horse or over the sticks for him.

Jim Conway BINGO First blood wins nicely at $5.40 $1.90 coming from well back because it had more oxygen in its muscles to win. Blood counts ARE NOT IN YOUR FORM GUIDE. Nice

Jim Conway 2nd at $1.60 a place.

Jim Conway 8 2nd Hedge bet results $1.40, bet $1 x $8 = $9 returns $11.20 profit is 25% thats ok.

Jim Conway BINGO FIRST BLOOD on 97% fitness wins well at $3.00 top odds edge here

Jim Conway 3-4 wide in a small field, killed us in the finish, dumb ride.,

May 13



Great work primarily 90% FIRST BLOOD tip from the yard live 410% profit Monday and Tuesday


No photo description available.

May 12



Easy 300%+ profit yesterday in only a few races live FIRST BLOOD on

NOT my live streaming channel.

4 - 5 hours live streaming plus posting tips elsewhere, it is too busy and really knocks me about now.


May 12



FIRST BLOOD II - Why Punters Lose

In my 10th book I am going top discuss the types of fitness required, tricks to winning and how not to lose in races:-







How to stay in front and what to look for.

A new edge for punters and an insight to horse fitness over different distances and FIRST BLOOD.



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