May 11



"Who ever is first, is always the bad guy"

People have to pretend you are a bad person, because they feel guilty at not understanding
what you do.


May 11



FIRST BLOOD II Why Punters Lose?

Over decades there has been up-teen thousands of books, papers, videos and software some costing thousands of dollars but they all fall by the wayside.


It's interested to note the patterns that all pro punter videos say they have tried every system there ever was, with out success.


All of these are head lined HOW TO WIN, but my new book Number 10 will explain to punters Why You Lose and How To Start Winning.

Secrets of Winning Laying Unfit Horses on Betfair is a FREE e-book to all and out soon.

I will also be giving away your 1 selection of any of my 10 books to 20 to Betfair members, more later.

Should finish FIRST BLOOD II e-book number 10 in the next 14 days.


"Who ever is first, is always the bad guy"


May 9



I am live FIRST BLOOD tipping from the mounting yards today on 28.8

and also on

See you for plenty of winners.


James 28.8

May 9



FIRST BLOOD is not going to be handed to you on a plate.

It took me 32 years to work this out.

So if you want to break in to pioneering FIRST BLOOD Winners, you need to put in.


May 9



Lesson No 2.

1% of you may have tried this exercise with the shoes to start your FIRST BLOOD count ratings.

Now if you rated the shoes in order of shine, either with the light on at night, or natural sunlight during the day, switch over
light factor to re check your ratings.

At nights re-rate the shine on the shoes at day

At day re-rate at night the shine on the shoes at day, under your light.

See if your ratings are the same.

Cheers James

May 8



Stick to this 9 point check list before you bet FIRST BLOOD and you will win.

9 Point - CHECK LIST

1.    Make sure it can run the distance
2.    Make sure it is not 2nd up under 18 days.
3.    Make sure it can handle the track conditions
4.    Make sure it does not have an inexperienced apprentice on board
5.    Make sure it has a good jockey on board
6.    Make sure it has a good trainer
7.    Make sure it has some positive stats at the track
8.    Make sure it is has some size to it.
9.    Make sure it has not drawn wider then 8

Good luck.

May 8



One of many pro punter videos out now, but this is very good and on my same track.

Best bets are maidens and un-raced horses and novices.
Little Form Study
Jockey tips out
Heavy tracks out
Emotions just wont go awa

May 7



FIRST BLOOD - The Final Frontier will go down in punting folk law for centuries as one of the classic punting books.

It is so good, how to rate 1 bet winners, it cannot get any simpler then this.

50 pages - over 80 FIRST BLOOD training photos - blogs - videos - links and more.

Out soon.

Captain Rambo


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