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Image may contain: text that says 'Trainers Brown Horse Strength Factors Blood count 28.8 Fitness Rating 8+9+8=8.3 Fitness Rating 8 Thank you for your photo; let's see how we can get this horse over the line n weeks' time. Blood Count: Your horse has sound and balanced fitness charts and with your blood count ona nice 8; using your supplements the next weeks. top Strength Factors: Agreat9 increase Factors: Your horse needs factors and blood to peak higher training to peak the strength ata 10. track the next weeks next maintaining solid strength win nice race. Well done balanced fitness chart and your horse can'



Get a fitness edge over other trainers. 

Welcome Trainers (FREE TRIAL) 28.8 Fitness consult for G1 Trainers that win Group 1 races. 

·        Trainers learn The Science of Horse Fitness with our No 10 of 5,000 fitness charts.

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Best Regards 


Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 Science of Horse Fitness Books.

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Name 13/8/2020   6.7 Fitness Rating 

 Image may contain: horse and outdoor, text that says 'Blood Count9 Strength Levels 6 28.8 Fitness Rating 9+6+5=6.7 Fitness FitnessRating5 Rating'

28.8 Fitness Summary: The horse’s blood count (9) is on track to peak at a 10, well done. The mixture of border line strength factors and low fitness will hold this horse up from 3-4 weeks before it can peak at 10 Fitness. The low strength factors can easily turn down into cow bow with also ribs coming through. But you must increase the horses fitness levels with more track work. More swimming will help and not take off too much strength. Maintain a high level of feed so the strength factors don’t disappear. The excellent blood count with your Iron, B12, B15, Folic Acids or whatever supplements you give the horse to have more oxygen in its red corpuscles to increase the oxygen flow to the muscles is very well done. Just maintain what you have now (9) and then we will big boost its blood count 8 days to a 10 blood to win when its strength and fitness catch up to a 9-10 also.

Then you have a balanced fitness chart.

The horse looks handy and I hope it can run. Because of its smaller strength frame this is the main concern to build on. Maybe quicker short and faster track work can get if fitter while not taking the strength factors away. Bit like training a quarter horse. It will be ok and send through another photo in 10 days’ time please. You go through a process of what is right for the horse until it peaks and wins. Then you maintain that program. This horse has 6-8 lengths you can find.

Best Regards

James Conway 0408 510 300

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·        This fixes our number 1 problem - Not enough time to get on and punters like to include blood counts in their form.

·        I will rate the very best ELEVATED 20 blood count/fitness horses between 12 noon and 3.30pm on-course on Saturdays.

·        Then I will email/sms 4-5 times upcoming winners to punters with a huge BLOOD/fitness edge for all your bet types.

·        You will know winners hours before they race.

·        Ratings 8-9-10.

·        We may be back on track before the big SPRING CARNIVALE.

·        Will work ALSO with the trots on hot summer nights.

·        Unfit low blood count Fav’s to lay.



Affiliates welcome including race clubs, this will be huge!

Image may contain: horse, text that says 'LIVE SATURDAY'S ONCOURSE BLOOD COUNT TIPS 20 BEST Elevated Blood Count Tips inside the stables Punters Email/SMS Up to 3 hours WINNING Tips B4 they Race! Punters now have Blood Fitness in your form bets. NEW LIVE SMS BLOOD MOUNTING YARD NO MUG jockeys, NO MUG trainers and apprentice tipped Punters win more huge profits. 4.5k% more PROFITS LAST MONTHS Only $2.50 per Winning tip coming soon Join now as not miss out'

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Image may contain: text that says 'Two Naughty Kids in a Womb Womb BOOK Ⅱ Author James Conway Allghtsreserved A hilarious, matur satirical cartoor ofunbontwi Dilly & Larisa growing's inside their mummy's womb and their many adventures and learnings from their IPad.'


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Good morning punters.


Some stats coming through that will now decide our LIVE SMS TIPS that are showing a healthy 4.5k% profit the last 2 months.


·        80% of our winners come from either the best trainers and or best jockeys combinations.

·        This is because those trainers have the best vets for blood count boost and the best jockeys make less mistakes and try harder.

·        This week we strung together 5 sms winners in a row, top profits.

·        I am sick of poor rides from B grade jockeys on fittest horses and fit horses from mug trainers under-performing.

·        Eliminate the rubbish and lift our strike rates higher.

·        Apprentices are out and this immediately boosted our strike rates.

·        Join today for only $2.50 per winning tip, no win no pay.


All good and more winners coming each day FOR OUR EDGE WITH BETTER TRAINERS AND BEST JOCKEYS.


We also have our 12 e-books on punting a must read.




James This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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