Apr 7



bloody winner, blood winners, blood counts win, live streaming again blood counts from the mounting yards,

we keep on winning. thanks 1.30pm tomorrow horse races.

Apr 6



My exactas and quinellas showed massive profits with $150 - $140 - $120 - $90 and more returns, huge tipping in blood. 

Apr 6



Profits in blood, profits in blood, live streamed today on facebook for massive profits on blood count ratings from the live.


Our SMS best blood horse wins well on 98% fitness and 90% blood at great odds of $3.80 and $1.70 - $40 per month service, back again tomorrow live

Apr 5



BONUS FREE MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP. When finally finish our software and this platform is members only for $40 per month, if a punter purchase 1 e book (sold online here by then) you will receive 1 month free membership.

If you purchase 5 books online here you receive 5 months free membership valued at $200.

All good for punters and I want to teach you how to rate a horse in fitness. James

Apr 5



Wow we are in the books best blood count wins at nice odds $3.50 and nice exacta 5-3 pays $25 great profits there. toowoomba 1625m

Apr 5



Bet with BLOOD COUNTS and win, yesterday 1,000"s% profits, $2.500 in short exotics.

Live again today at 1.30pm blood count edge from the mounting yards https://live.28point8.com/

Apr 4



WOW WOW WOW, best blood count wins $2.90 PLUS 1-2-3-4 pick 4 that will pay very well, amazing day on blood count and fitness tipping. 2-6-4-1 $1,100 what a finish to a great day.

Randwick 1200m best blood count tips 

Apr 4



WAHOO, TOP BLOOD WINS $7.10 - $2.80 great finish at Caulfield, huge day.


Caulfield blood count edge 2000m


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