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Image may contain: sky, text that says "28.8 Euston Taking 6 leg Parlay We have lift off! the 5th & 6th leg horses won't even be in the on course stables! Members can Parlay 3 races, with live SMS Blood Count Stable Tips over an hour before they win costs $3.50 against $31.50 for legs. Now you can take more than one Parlay? Cash In or LET IT Remember you do not have to start again. Sensational! Bet Small Win Big!"

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Image may contain: horse, text that says "JUST DO IT! It will never get EASIER as long as you live! Because of our 28.8 live on-course SMS 20 blood count tips direct from the stables EDGE race days hours before they win. You do not have to get all the in to win! HOW MUCH YOU CAN PARLAY WIN Odds $0.50 Place Parlay Bet small Win BIG! $2.00- Costs $31.50 $2.60 $2.30 $2.90 Amazing $660 GOLD GOLD $0.50 Win Parlay Costs $31.50 Odds $3.80 $5.50 $8.00 $4.20 $6.00 $8.00 WOW! $46,000 Join now for updates info@28point8.com"

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Image may contain: text that says "28.8 Daily Place S/Rate is 50% 100% Punters here are the costs for parlay betting on LIVE SMS blood count tips from the stable hours before they win. any one time should have 10 plus SMS blood count tips hours before they win. YOUR MOBILE You do not have to get all in- you win EITHER with 2-3-4-5-6 successful Place Win same combinations and double for each way $0.50 BETS. Parlays- combinations Costs $31.50 combinations Costs $31.00 combinations Costs Costs- $20.50 combinations Costs $10.50 Parlays Coming soon, expressions of interest taken for more on course blood count NFO@28POINT8.COM updates"

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Image may contain: text that says "28. Live STABLE Blood Counts Results Caulfielo 19th December 2020 20 SMS TIPS SAMPLE http://p.p.com Time SMS 11.55AM Race Time Name Go Fast 2.15pm Number Odds Results- $5.70 1stWon easy B4 THE RACE Price $3.90 Members got best odds. POSTED 1st leg of Quaddie and Double. HOUR AND 20 MINUTES Exotics with others pays huge $5,700.00 Special Comments- Easy winner on best blood count LIVE ON-COURSE DIRECT FROM THE STABLES. Join now info o@28point8.com"

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Merry Xmas all.


28.8 win on selective blood counts off course and should win more on course.


But can you win on the pokies?


As a pattern watcher pretty much in everything around me, this is what I have observed in my opinion.


1.      You play the machines inside the circle of most popular machines, playing the flanks is bad news because of not enough turnover from players.

2.      You need the play the Asian type games, as easily mostly played more than any other machines

3.      You need to not jump on a game that has just paid out big

4.      2 cents a line is better than 1 cent a line

5.      Get your profit and then move onto to a new machine.

6.      Quit when you think your luck has run out.

7.      Good luck, gambling is a game of chance


James with a Merry Xmas


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