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My FIRST BLOOD - The Final Frontier - book out next week and is an amazing best training blood count fitness doc with over 80 photos. I will teach you how to win more often with just one bet on FIRST BLOOD horse. I put photos of high blood count horses against 2 low blood count horses many times to teach you what to learn to spot.


Step 1 Collect all your house hold shoes, any colour and dump them in the lounge in a heap.

Step 2 Get the kids or wife to place them in the order of shine.

Step 3 Congratulations, look at the amazing results left to right shine, right before your eyes.

Step 4 Now you can use those same observations of horse tones from out blood books.

This will shock you and you are now on track for FIRST BLOOD - The Final Frontier success.

A truly pioneering, cutting edge book!



May 5



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May 5
15 pages in now FIRST BLOOD The Final Frontier. How to rate ONE horse's FIRST BLOOD COUNT to back a winner with a huge edge. All the tricks of the trade, a top book coming up. Seeing I will have my own library, I will post also my very funny comedy type of script "A Gobble Gobble Day At The Races" If you liked the Marx Brothers "A Day At The Races" 1937, you will laugh at this story. James
May 5



If a stable has 40 horses and 20 staff, it may be down to 5 staff for 40 horses.

It cannot be done successful.

It makes sense.

Horses are racing on low fitness levels


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May 5



Good evening punters, I am a pattern watcher and some disturbing patterns are coming to my attention.

I had 3 boomer days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with some quality horses and trainers and jockeys, 1,000% profit.

And then it hit the fan on Sunday with much lower fitness rated horses, average jockey and  half unknown trainers and I pulled the pin even though we were close.

Then today again winners but in both these days 8-9 low fit horses have run terrible.

This is out of the ordinary. Why?

My horses don't run terrible.

What I have noticed:

My fitness ratings have dropped significantly down to the 90's - 94% - 95% top ratings and I passed on tips and others                      were just not performing.

Punters are moaning on forums, about it is tuff going out there at the moment and not winning.


There is a pattern forming.

In my opinion:

Trainers have cut stable staff either completely or way down in hours to save money.

Prize money is down as much as 50%.

This has led to a 2-4 length drop off in fitness, as showing pre-race in my ratings.

Time are tough and trainers may not be consulting so much with their vet either for blood counts and vitamin supplements.

I strongly suggest to re think your betting strategies as I will.

Stay to the 2 major meetings with bigger stables and fully staffed.

I am sure carona - lack of fitness is out there costing punters big dollars.


May 1




Jim Conway dogs 7 from the 5 in exotics at 50/1 results 7-6-5 ($7.70) place the five,


the prophet gets us money again.

May 1



try the three at gold coast 90% blood 98% fit good luck
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Fittest horse all day and gets the money at $2.70 and $1.60 and when challenged by the nine, its 90% blood count made it find more and win, nice call
May 1



goulburnd dogs try the 1 - 1 wins
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I dont like it but hedge bet the one here
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Bingo 1 wins at top odds $8.70 and $2.60 best blood and fitness gets us home, very nice.


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