Aug 7



As long as you live; u will never see this ever again. Such is life. It is going to be some cool dude to beat me, it will not be a computer generated program. Old age will get me first. Could be 200,000% profit for the year!


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Aug 7



4,000% profit so far today.


Bingo fittest horses win $29 - $5.20 3-11-2-6 Pick 4 pays $4,440 and other exotic pay $1,500, value bet race returns $6,000 as called massive. Canterbury 1100m


Race 5 Great 4 wins at $15.70 bingo, 4-12-9-2 both bankers in big pick 4 here also. ROVE 2-4 field pick 4 paid $5554 huge. massive profits. Gawler 1200m



Aug 6



UK Punting is unplayable because of the dismal broadcasting of the horses before a race, 

it is impossible to spot a winner from 300 - 500 metres away images. 

I feel sorry for UK punters or is this a conspiracy?

You have to ask your self, after 20 years of overseas broadcasting of nearly every other country who have better production programming, why is 

UK still back in the stone age of broad casting such a primitive product that guarantees you punters lose?

Who really controls broadcasting in the UK?


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Aug 5



Monday night, live dogs tonight, fittest dog 1st around the corner, all good. 2,000% profit last night on the dogs.


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Aug 5



My losing, just won't go away, who can help me?


Live streaming face book.


Another great week on the punting fitter horses before the race with 4,300% profit.


Sunday night new week, 2,000% profit on fittest dogs around the first corner, on fire yet again.



Jul 30

2,300% profit last night on the dogs, with fittest dog leading around the first corner.




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Jul 30



That 4 won x 10 lengths, black dog and was a firming favourite, the camera man would not show it, if I cannot see the whole field, I do not tip.

I am not here to tip for the sake of tipping on a potential unfit losing bet.

We MUST win every tip, it's as simple as that.

I match up the fittest dog with 1-2-3 best early speed runners, they lead around the first corner; is the best bet in the world

and punters are 15,000% plus profit the last 10 weeks.

Big overs on winners prices on Betfair and I will single handly increase Betfair's turnover on the dogs.

NO bet last night UK, passed on all races, I saw 25% of the runners.

90% of ALL on track programming managers, directing the camera persons, should be sacked.

Absolutely no idea of what is going on, what runner is the hot favourite and what is required for punters.

Put me in control and I would shake it up in 24 hours or you are fired!

Punters then start winning on fitness.

It's simple!

My live streaming projection was 50,000% profit for the year, I have upgraded to 80,000% profit, tax free of course.

Averaging 700% profit per day I tip.

In Australia you are paid 0.03% bank interest for your money, then they deduct tax on your profit!

My losing, just won't go away, who can help me?


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Jul 27


My losing, just won't go away, who can help me?



What's on today?


I am live on 28.8 plus live streaming on facebook for 1st hour.


We are make 700% PROFIT PER DAY, a world best.






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