Fitness Margins vs Science

When a horse is 100% fit it can run 50kph over a short distance to win a race.

Why would you want to back a horse that can only run 35kph?

My fitness formula is based on 1% = 1 length in advantage a horse has over another, so a horse 10% less fit i.e.: 90% can be beaten by 10 lengths by a 100% fit horse.

What tests are there to prove your formula?

Scientific test proved that a car travelling at 45kph (10% slower) behind a car travelling at 50kph

will finish 25 meters behind the faster car over a short distance, the same as horses at full speed.


The length of a horse is universally accepted at 2.4 meters, so x 10 lengths = 24 meters.


So my formula is scientifically proven and correct, and it only took me 50 years!


Punters ask yourself; "Why would you want to back a horse unfit to run only 35kph when you can back a horse fit to win running at 50kph?"


That is the fitness edge 28.8 has.


How fit is your next bet?



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