Science meets horse racing.

How do I rate horses?

Science in fitness is why a horse wins; 28.8 have discovered the science in fitness.

I have rated millions of thoroughbred horses, harness and greyhounds over 50 years.

My formula consists of multiplying over 300 combinations when I see one horse before its race.

The primary points I evaluate are:

  1. All horses fitness levels in their training preparation and muscle definition.
  2. All horses strength and conditioning factors so as to be competitive in the race and obtain a good forward position.
  3. A horses muscle on muscle tissue build up to give it "that second gear" when it is time to increase its speed to get in a clear position to finish off the race and win.
  4. It's all round general healthy appearance and composure in the mounting yard.

28.8 is the new edge in betting that will allow punters will win more often.



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